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Strategic Transformation for Growth

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Shopper-Centric Branding

We develop products, services, features, processes, policies, and a culture that supports customers with an efficient, seamless, and fun customer experience.​

Shopper Solutions Planning

We develop and provides a roadmap for companies, retailers and wholesalers to maximize the value of brands within the context of a shopper-centric approach.

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Technology, BI & AI

At the heart of our omnichannel shopper-centricity is our data generation and analytics; to best engage and influence consumers throughout their journey.

Growth driven from within the organization

No doubt. To become a world-class company, you need world-class capabilities and processes with a strategic omnichannel approach.

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Why work with IDCOM


It is never too late or too early to undergo a growth transformation and get your data in order.


Our deepest understanding of local cultures lies in North, Latin America and the Caribbean.


In our journey, we have come across some outstanding industry experts that have joined our arsenal.


Our diverse understanding of cultures and business models enables us to take the correct approach to manage your project.


Because our 35-year track record has proven that we are a good fit as a partner for your growth project.

Redefining the growth model

In every market, even the leader still has room to grow in a proper channel, adopting industry’s best practices.

What our clients say...

“I have witnessed IDCOM´s solid experience in Business Development and Commercial Skills Development in our growth projects in Puerto Rico and USA.”
Mario Molina
“Their Shopper Marketing knowledge, strategic thinking skills, insight based approach and vast experience, has helped us develop winning strategies for our business.”
Alejandra Garcia Romo
“I have personally worked with ID Com and every project they have delivered outstanding results that added value to our organization in the Execution of our products.”
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Angel Flores

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