Why we exist

We exist to reveal the power of growth opportunities and the passion to pursue them.

What we do

We bring and inspire innovation and strategic thinking to drive the growth of our clients’ businesses, implementing long-term solutions to leave a positive impact and a better future for everyone we work with.

What drives us

Our company’s core values and customer service have been and always will be what we live by.

Through personal and differentiated service we create cultural certainty and empathy to exceed our clients’ expectations, with respect, passion for detail and accountability.

We believe in the power of data to change lives, we believe in our employees and our loyalty to our customers and communities.

We believe in the art of making a difference, acting beyond what is expected of us, with coherence and consistency, and always guided by integrity.

Our Values

Integrity @ IDCOM

We believe in Integrity

We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships; we always do the right thing and lead by example. We are honest, open, ethical, genuine and fair; we have the courage to make a difference to build a better future.

Passion @ IDCOM

We believe in the impact of being Passionate

Passion is at the heart of our company. We are continuously moving forward, creating and innovating without losing our passion for details.

Accountability @ IDCOM

We believe in the value of being Accountable

We know that each of us is responsible for our words, deeds, actions and results. We empower each other to take ownership of our actions. We honor the trust our customers and others place in us.

Respect @ IDCOM

We are Respectful

We value everyone and always treat people with dignity, compassion, and professionalism. We cultivate positive relationships based on respect and ethics, driven by our words and actions, and by fostering a healthy environment among our people and with our clients. We uphold a fundamental belief in their right to exist, to be heard, to hold their own beliefs, and to enjoy the same rights as everyone else.

Trust @ IDCOM

We believe in the gift of Trust

We value our clients and their experience in relation to our work, we know that together we can make a difference. We treat them as we would like to be treated. In addition, we deliver positive results by understanding their needs to make them grow and put them first and foremost at the center of any decision making.

Empathy @ IDCOM

We believe in the power of Empathy

We always care about all our stakeholders and believe that we are stronger when we work together as a multifunctional and multicultural team.

IDCOM Partners

Mini Caraza @ IDCOM

Mini Caraza, CEO & Founding Partner

As an expert in emotional marketing, shopper and strategic marketing and strategic thinking, she is recognized for her passion for delivering outstanding results for the benefit of brands by leading high performance teams. She has been a board member of multiple international companies.

Carlos Dieter @ IDCOM

Carlos Dieter, CFO & Founding Partner

He is responsible for the financial aspects of our businesses and manages digital marketing, e-commerce, and software development, as well as the digital media side of the branding strategies and tools used to grow our clients' brands. He is developing and oversees our PMO.

Angel Alvarado @ IDCOM

Angel Alvarado, COO & Partner

He manages the operations of our company and leads the area of go-to-market strategy, strategic channel plans, pricing strategies, revenue growth and capability development processes with clients to bring strategic thinking to life across industries and cultures around the world.

IDCOM Worldwide

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