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Heineken Completes Exit from Russia
Carlos Dieter

Heineken Exits Russia in Symbolic €1 Deal with Arnest Group

In a significant move, Heineken exits Russia, selling its entire operations to the Arnest Group for a symbolic €1. This decision, influenced by Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, highlights the brewing giant’s efforts to navigate geopolitical complexities while ensuring its employees’ welfare

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Shopper marketing guide
Shopper Marketing
Carlos Dieter

The Ultimate Guide to Shopper Marketing: Strategies, Benefits, and Trends

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on shopper marketing, a strategic approach aimed at influencing purchasing decisions right where they happen – the store. This guide serves as an essential resource for professionals, students, or anyone interested in the fascinating world of retail marketing. We will cover key topics including understanding shopper behavior, the crucial elements of shopper marketing, how technology is shaping this field, and much more. Join us on this quick journey through the world of shopper marketing, and unlock its vast potential for business success.

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Business transformation by IDCOM
Change Management
Carlos Dieter

Power of Change: How Business Transformation Accelerates Growth

Business transformation involves changing systems, processes, people, and technology. In this blog post, we’ll explore successful examples of business transformation and provide practical advice to help guide your journey. Whether you’re experienced or new to business transformation, this post will offer valuable insights to help you drive growth. Join us on this transformative journey.

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OTIF (on-time-in-full)
Revenue Management
Carlos Dieter

OTIF: Essential Key indicator to be competitive

A low OTIF score can negatively impact a company’s revenue through customer dissatisfaction, strained retailer relationships, inefficient inventory management, a weakened brand reputation, and increased opportunity costs

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