Launch of Supply Chain Intelligence Institute Austria

Supply Chain Intelligence Institute Austria
The new Supply Chain Intelligence Institute Austria was presented on 6 March 2023, at a press conference with Minister of Labour and Economic Affairs Martin Kocher, Member of the Provincial Government in Upper Austria Markus Achleitner, WIFO Director and ASCII President Gabriel Felbermayr, ASCII Advisory Board Chair Sabine Herlitschka, and ASCII Director Peter Klimek.


The global, European and Austrian production and logistics networks are facing major and diverse challenges. The crises of the last few years revealed vulnerabilities in supply chains and production networks. For example, there were bottlenecks in the availability of raw materials, packaging materials, chips or cable harnesses for car manufacturing, which caused delays in production and delivery. This in turn led to striking, economic damage.

“Supply networks have become extremely complex in our globalised world. They reflect production technologies for highly complex products that contain raw materials and intermediate products from many countries. Consequently, their understanding requires an interdisciplinary approach. For this reason, ASCII was set up as an interdisciplinary institute that brings together the best minds from different fields such as complexity research, business administration or economics. In doing so, something new is being created that has not yet existed in Austria or the EU,” says WIFO Director Gabriel Felbermayr.

This project will be implemented in close cooperation with the founding organisations: Complexity Science Hub (CSH), Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO), Logistikum of the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences (FH OÖ) and Verein Netzwerk Logistik (VNL). ASCII is funded by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economics and the Province of Upper Austria.

WIFO economist Klaus Friesenbichler is Deputy Director of ASCII and WIFO economist Agnes Kügler sits on the board of ASCII alongside President Gabriel Felbermayr.

For more information on the Supply Chain Intelligence Institute Austria (ASCII), please visit the


Dr. Klaus Friesenbichler

Research groups: Industrial, Innovation and International Economics
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